Sacred Soul Circle 

A sacred circle to align with the vibes & magic of the Autumn season.


With only 10 spots available, we will be really diving deep together as we move through a release ceremony to say goodbye to the old version of you and clearing space for the new version of you to come through.


We will share & connect with everyone in this circle. We will be experiencing a live meditation entitled, Tapping into the Magic of the Equinox which you will also receive a produced version of. We will also be powerfully setting our intentions together for the upcoming season.. Who we desire to become, what we desire to call into our reality, what we desire to work toward, etc.


With a magical & seasonal intention setting ritual, we will be aligning with the energy of Autumn & amplifying the power of our intentions for this time.


Last but not least, we will be engaging in a powerful visualization that really anchors these intentions & energies for ourselves and everyone in our circle.

When we come together, we amplify our light and therefore, heighten our powers of creation.

At the very end, anyone who desires to play in these vibes a little longer can stay for a Witchy Wine Hour where we will be just hanging out, chatting about our sacred circle experiences, celebrating the newness coming into our world and celebrating our new intentions. 


There may be some hot seat coaching, I may pull some cards, we may practice our abilities, we may even communicate with the angels, we may just laugh & have fun.


Whatever this hour contains will be perfectly aligned for

everyone attending.

Come join in on all the magic and vibe with some like minded souls who are ready to create lasting change and step into their highest selves.

In the days leading up to the Soul Circle, you will receive a Pre Soul-Work PDF that will align you, energetically prepare you and open you up to get the most out of the event. The vibes awaiting you will be amplified. 


For 7 days to follow, you will be receiving Daily Dose Texts which align with the energies of our ascending selves & panet. These texts will help keep you focused on your intentions, focused on your presence and grounded in your energy throughout the changes you’ve set the stage for. 


For the 7 days to follow, you will also gain access to the group Equinox Mastermind Voxer chat where you can ask for, receive and give support to everyone who attended our soul circle! 

This will also be leading into an optional Autumn Equinox Mastermind with group coaching calls on the New & Full Moons of the season to keep you in the vibes, in the current of energy & inspired to keep moving toward your intentions! For more info, scroll down! 

Opening Prayer & Introductions

Sage Smudging Release Ceremony



Tapping into the Magic of the Equinox




Amplifying Our Visions Visualization


Optional Witchy Wine Hour

the event

6:30 - 8:30pm PST

8:30 - 9:30pm PST

The Special 2 - 3 Hour Event 

14 Days of Daily Dose 

14 Days of Group Voxer Mastermind Chat 

Pre Soul Work PDF

Tapping into the Magic Meditation

what's included?

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