Manifesting Financial Freedom

"I’ve been asking for financial freedom but I haven’t been able to find anything freeing enough to leave my current job."

Dear Chimera,

Thank you for your question!

In law of attraction, we’ve gotta first find the feeling within us of what it is that we want to attract. Our desires have a vibrational frequency. Money has a vibrational frequency. New jobs have a financial frequency. Financial freedom has a vibrational frequency. And, of course, YOU have a vibrational frequency. The only way to attract the financial freedom you desire is to figure out what feelings you would have if you already had that new amazing job, the new level of income, the limitless money. What would that FEEL like to you? Get familiar with the feelings and with the reality that you are attracting.

To me, money feels like freedom, joy, fun, expansiveness, relief, relaxation, stability, etc. So the next step would be to ask yourself what you could add into your daily routine to practice & cultivate those feelings now. What makes you feel free? A mountain drive? A day at the beach? A luxurious bath? Do those things often and BASK in the feelings of freedom. Same goes for any other emotion that will come from having financial freedom. We have all those feelings within us now. We have that energy within us now. WE are the source of our own feelings rather the money or circumstances being our source. We want what we want for no other reason other than that we believe when we have it, we will feel better. It’s the feeling we’re after. With the job, what are the feelings you believe you will have with a job that you love and provides security? Undoubtedly, the feelings might be purpose, alignment, motivation, security, success, etc. Follow this same process and begin cultivating those feelings within you first.

The next part of cultivating these feelings within you.. is to start to become the person that has that job and financial status! What do I mean by this? I mean, if you had the job and if you had the financial freedom, who would you be BEING in your day to day life? How does that new version of you feel, think, act, speak? What types of things does the new you do for fun? What types of habits would she have? How does she carry herself? How does she interact with the world? Begin doing the things and thinking in the ways of the version of you who has the wildly successful, wealthy & purpose filled career.

Why not also begin creating a list of the type of job you want? Clarity is so important when it comes to manifestation. Get clear on the type of job, the hours you’d want to work, the type of work you’d want to do, the income you’d like, etc. Create a list of all the attributes of this job and visualize yourself in it. Write and visualize a day in the life of the new you! Scripting (journaling your future life in the present tense) is a powerful tool that allows you to step into the future life you are creating so that you may feel the feelings of that new life. It is not just something you are imagining, it is a rehearsal of the life that is showing up for you the more you step into and familiarize yourself with the feelings of living that life. Write an entry as if you ARE in that life and you ARE that person now. Our minds don’t actually know the difference between reality & imagination so the more we imagine our desires becoming a reality, the more your mind will start to make it a reality.

Through all of this, you will notice the thoughts in your head saying things like, “well, there’s no job out there for me that I want” or “It’s not possible to find a job that I love AND that brings me wealth” or “I haven’t found it yet, therefore, I’m never gonna find it.. I’ll never get out of this phase.” When those thoughts come up, ask yourself why you are thinking these thoughts. Trace them back to any beliefs that say it’s not possible to have what you want, it’s not possible to do what you love and make a lot of money doing it, I don’t deserve to have money and success, I’m afraid of being successful or having a new job because I’m afraid of change, etc. Find the beliefs that hold you back from experiencing this. Ask yourself why you don’t want it yet. There might be subconscious reasons as to why you think getting a new job will be scary. Maybe the new responsibilities will be overwhelming, maybe you’re comfortable at your current job because it doesn’t challenge you, maybe by getting a new job and a new income will disconnect you from those you’re close with, maybe it’s just not familiar to you to have money and a job you love so you’re ego is keeping you safe by keeping you comfortable, maybe you’re afraid to fail so your ego is keeping you safe and keeping you small. There are so many possibilities of why you might not want the job yet. Shedding light on these corners of your mind will really help you to find out what’s keeping you from being in the true vibration of receiving a new job and a new income. We must look at and face it all in order to really get to the power of manifestation that we have within us.

The last piece of advice I would have for you is to release and let go of this desire to the Universe to do her part. Trust that you’ve already asked, it’s already been ordered and it IS coming. Just because you can’t see any evidence of it showing up yet, does not mean that the Universe is not working behind the scenes to orchestrate the events necessary in order for this to become your reality. Trust me, it’s working behind the scenes. Have FAITH that it is. Then, go and be present in your life. Live your life as if nothing is wrong. Don’t continue to notice that it’s not yet here. If you knew it was coming without a shadow of a doubt, how would you live in your life now? You definitely wouldn’t be worrying about it! Then, as you’re living your life, asking for guidance, being present.. you will get little hits of inspiration to take action here or there. It won’t be a draining action that feels awful and annoying, it will feel like you are just COMPELLED to do something right now! Whether that be calling a certain company to see if they’re hiring, go somewhere and notice a HIRING sign, talk to someone who has a lead on a job. It could be anything that will lead you down the path to landing that job or you might even be lead to start a business! It’s important to be open and follow that inspired guidance whenever you get it with the utmost faith that it is leading you somewhere great. You’ve gotta let the Universe do her part. She is orchestrating things that are beyond your range of understanding for the highest good of all.


  • How would you feel if you already had it?

  • With those feelings, what in your life can you do right now to help cultivate those feelings within you?

  • Do those things often and bask in those feelings. The more you expand your feelings of what you want, the more in alignment with all good things that you are.

  • Become the person who has it already. How does she think, speak, act, feel? Journal on that and practice becoming more of her each and every day.

  • Script your future reality as often as you can to familiarize yourself with a new life.

  • Visualize yourself living this new reality and really get into the FEELINGS of it. Here is my guided meditation specifically for following your scripting process. This will serve you immensely in finding the feeling space of it.

  • Ask yourself what thoughts & limiting beliefs keep you from having this new reality

  • Ask yourself why you subconsciously might not want it yet, what things you're nervous about once you get it.

  • Replace those beliefs & fears with new beliefs & reassuring thoughts that it will be okay!

  • Release the desire to the Universe in faith that she’s got your back and is working on it! Faith is when it looks like it’s not going to happen and you believe anyways! It’s that level of faith that will manifest miracles!

  • BE PRESENT in your daily life! Live in it. Accept and love where you’re at right now. Get yourself out of the habit of needing something to change in order to feel good. Feel good now. Feel abundant now. Your power is in the now. Your guidance is in the now. Be here now. Be open to the guidance and the inspiration, then take action without hesitation!

  • And of course, if you need further support.. this is exactly what I teach in my 1:1 coaching program! To get clear on & attract your dream career as well as your dream income! Message on the social medias for details ;)

My desires were placed in my heart for a reason and that is to be fulfilled. I am meant for great things. I am a magnificent child of the Universe and I deserve to have what I want simply because I exist. I am a vibrational being living in a vibrational Universe. My desires have a vibrational frequency and the more I tune into that, the closer I get! I create my own reality. I choose what I get to experience and I choose freedom, limitless money and purpose!


  • You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

  • You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero


Nichoel Ann