I've always had so many questions pertaining to Law of Attraction, manifestation, emotional awareness, being my highest and best self, etc. Most of the time, I've just had to research the answers for myself because most of the time, when I'd ask someone, they wouldn't have the most detailed answer for me.. Or they'd have an answer but I'd end up researching it for myself anyways so that I could learn more about it. I'm a very detail-oriented person and when I learn about something, I go all in because my brain needs to know everything about it. I've also just known certain things intuitively before I study them. Then, when I do some research, I come to realize that I knew those answers all along within me because I'm very clairsentient and claircognizant, meaning, I just know and feel things without any logical reason as to how I know or feel them. I channel wisdom and knowledge from my guides, the Universe and from everyone around me. I'm also very empathic in the sense that I can feel what others are feeling. At first, I never understood this about myself and I thought I was just different. I felt things that others did not feel, I knew things that others did not know and if I randomly tried to help with someone's feelings that were never expressed by them, it was not well-received because most people avoid their feelings and emotions. I never understood why no one else was like me because I thought it was normal. 

In this advice column, I want to channel all my desire to support others into a safe space where you can ask questions about emotions, law of attraction, your higher self and all things inner transformation so that you can go on to clearly and effectively become the best version of yourself, which in turn, will manifest your highest reality.


Allow me to support you by pulling from my years of researching all of these topics. 

Allow me to support you through my own experiences that relate to what you're going through. 

Allow me to support you by doing any and all research necessary to get you the answer you're looking for. 

Allow me to support you by holding space for your intentions to become a reality through you asking for guidance.

Allow me to support you by drawing a tarot card if I feel necessary.

Allow me to support you by me being in my highest vibration and channeling messages to you.

You can only receive the amount of support you ask for. 

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